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Ignition! Workshop - Training to be Amazing

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Do you know any teenagers or young people who are actually amazing, wonderful, inspiring and magnificent – but they
just can’t see it?

This upcoming generation holds our future leaders, scientists, doctors, nurses, entrepreneurs, actors, inventors and more but some of them are slipping through the net – leaving them with a fragile confidence that limits their aspirations. But it’s easy to fix.
They just need the right support.


"Our Mission is to ensure that young people leave education and other programs with high self-worth and a core inner confidence, knowing who they are and what they offer to the world, with a clear direction for their future and a vision for how they can make a difference."

IGNITION! Travel Guides use Group Trainings, 1-to-1 Coaching and Individual Support to deliver a journey of discovery that builds inner resilience and shows them that they ARE both good enough and have a valuable place in the world.



There is a correlation between what a young person achieves in education and the rest of their life – and how well they do is increasingly being linked to their mental health. It is now recognised that many mental health issues in adulthood have their roots in early experiences, which makes it increasingly important to lay a solid foundation of resilience and self-worth.



If you are a parent: please contact us and ask about IGNITION! Group Trainings and 1-on-1 coaching available in your area.

If you already work with young people: IGNITION! has been adopted by Schools, Youth Charities, the YMCA, National Citizenship Scheme and Independent Coaches. Please ask us about the benefits of training teachers, youth workers and coaches as IGNITION! Travel Guides. Full details available

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